Month: October 2017

November 13, 2017, Meeting: How to Self-edit Your Manuscript


Bethany Kaczmarek
Freelance Editor
November 13, 2017
“How to Self-edit Your Manuscript”


Whether you want to traditionally publish or indie publish, having a polished manuscript is a must! But many writers aren’t sure how to self-edit their own work. Freelance editor Bethany Kaczmarek will give us tips and tricks to make self-editing more effective—and less scary.

A 2015 ACFW Editor of the Year finalist, Bethany is a fan of story. As a freelance editor, she makes sure every thread is woven consistently throughout a manuscript—whatever the genre—and points out ways to deepen and enrich the layers so the theme is subtle, the story vivid. Plus, she’s great at helping to develop compelling subplots and secondary characters if sequels are on the horizon. A card-carrying grammar nerd, she believes an author’s voice comes from knowing the rules well enough to break them with flair. Her goal is to help hard-working writers sound like gifted writers.

Bethany is a gold member of the Christian PEN and the Awards Director for the fantastic Realm Makers Conference. Her debut release, Strains of Silence, came out in July 2017. She’s one of the Editor Sisters at A Little Red Ink. You can check out their helpful and humorous blog at

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