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July 10, 2017, Meeting: Writing a Christian Memoir


Stephen Hiemstra
Author & Publisher
Monday, July 10, 2017
“Writing a Christian Memoir”

Have you considered writing a Christian memoir? A memoir is an autobiography with a theme. A Christian memoir focuses on God’s work in your life. Questions to think about in writing a Christian memoir include:

  • How did you come to faith?
  • What were important milestones in your faith journey?
  • Who were your important mentors?
  • What faith stories were especially important to you?
  • When did God intervene powerfully in your life?

Come hear Stephen Hiemstra, author and publisher, talk about how Christian memoir is an important witness to God’s work in our lives that we can offer to our families and friends, especially those not embracing faith in Christ.

Stephen founded T2Pneuma Publishers LLC in January 2014 to focus on publishing non-fiction Christian books in English and Spanish. His author site is StephenWHiemstra.net; his publisher’s site is: T2Pneuma.com. He blogs three times weekly at T2Pneuma.net. Stephen is a seminary graduate and has a doctorate in agricultural economics. For more details, see the About tab on T2Pneuma.net.


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