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September 11 Meeting: Writing to Grow Closer to God


Kathleen Griffin Otchy
Community Life Pastor
Monday, September 11, 2017
“Writing to Grow Closer to God”

How can we use our writing as a spiritual discipline? Kathleen Griffin Otchy, community life pastor at Fairfax Community Church, will talk about how to use our writing as a tool to grow closer to God. She will also discuss the many ways we can use our writing to serve our church communities through different church writing projects.

Kathleen came to full-time ministry as a pastor by way of a lifelong calling and an awkward but awesome transition into the role 16 years ago. She oversees discipleship, care, groups, and local/global outreach at Fairfax Community Church. She loves to see how story helps God connects people to himself and each other and continues to look for new ways in which the awesomeness of God can be simplified for those who don’t yet follow him. She has been married to Dan, who has kept her laughing for 40 years. They have four grown, married children and 10 grandbabies.


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